Neighborhood Plazas
Mint Plaza
Fifth Street (Between Market & Mission Streets)

In April 2007 the San Francisco Board of Supervisors and the Mayor approved legislation to transform a 290’-long portion of Jessie Street stretching between Fifth and Mint Streets into San Francisco ’s newest public open space, aptly named Mint Plaza. The approximately $3.5M project was donated to the City of San Francisco by Martin Building Company. The entire process, from concept, to financing to implementation, took just under two years to complete.

The Plaza was consciously designed to accommodate a wide range of uses, including art exhibitions, theatre, live music, cafés, and small festivals, while also providing a quiet, green and clean refuge for neighboring residents, downtown workers and visitors.

Mint Plaza is a special kind of public open space, designed to serve a variety of users. First and foremost, it’s a community gathering spot–a green space to take a break, sit outdoors, bring lunch, read a book or chat with a friend.

It's also uniquely urban: a plaza framed on three sides by historic architecture and lined with cafes and restaurants, providing a wonderful opportunity for al fresco dining. During summer, Mint Plaza hosts a weekly farmers market and a lunchtime concert series.

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United Nations Plaza
Market Street, between Seventh and Eighth Streets

United Nations Plaza was built in 1975 as part of the Market Street Reconstruction Project in conjunction with the subterranean installation of BART. United Nations Plaza is a 2.6-acre pedestrian mall extending from Market Street to Hyde Street in San Francisco’s Civic Center area. The plaza is a major portal for all modes of San Francisco’s transportation system including Muni and BART. World-renowned landscape architect Lawrence Halprin was the original plaza designer.

Photo courtesy of Arts Market SF

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1275 Market Street Plaza
1275 Market Street (Market & Ninth Streets)

This plaza wraps around the base of the 1275 Market Street building with entrances on Market Street and at Ninth Street.

During the summer season, the plaza features lunchtime concerts.

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Hallidie Plaza
Fifth & Market Streets

Public plazas can be found concentrated along central Market Street that serve as destinations and gathering places. Arts markets, farmers markets, summer concerts, fairs and other public space programming attract positive pedestrian activity and create an environment that is welcoming, safe and exciting.

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